The Bitterlicks “Benzo Blues”

The Bitterlicks “Benzo Blues”


Given that The Bitterlicks promise to offer up a “blend of rock n roll, punk, country and blues to create a distinct style of rock n roll of their own”, it’s pretty obvious why we wanted to hear this release. That description sounds right up our street!

We always like albums that open with a blast and that’s certainly the case with this one and lead track “Snake In The Grass”. It’s a great, dirty, rock n roll number that’s built to be played loud. It’s certainly not the only one on this album. Tracks like “Until We Meet Again” and “Long Cold Winter” are also in your face, adrenalin laced, rock numbers. There’s no doubt that fans of bands like The Hellacopters or Supersuckers will just love The Bitterlicks.

That’s not to say it’s one dimensional though. The band are capable of expanding their sound. There’s certainly a wider melody to the excellent “We’re On Fire”, a song which could be the gateway drug for new fans who need easing in to the band’s raucous sound. Whilst the slower and darker tone of “Who?” and “Stay Close Enough” will be attractive to fans who like the more ‘sophisticated’ sleaze sound of say Hanoi Rocks or The Lords Of The New Church. They even get a bit rockabilly or may be country inspired on closing track “Grains Of Sand”.

We don’t know about you, but we love a bit of greasy rock n roll and that’s what The Bitterlicks deliver here. They manage to avoid sounding clichéd or retro, but still display the influences of some great bands. Definitely one to check out if you’re bored with the sanitised rock offered by mainstream acts.

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