Rich Ragany & The Digressions “Like We’ll Never Make It”

Rich Ragany  & The Digressions “Like We’ll Never Make It”


Rich Ragany seems like a bit of a music machine. He’s constantly releasing stuff with his band Role Models (whilst other acts take years and years to just release one album) and now he has a solo record out. It’s great to have such a hard working musician and especially cool that he lives in the same town as us (but why no Leamington gigs Rich?!).

Anyhow, “To The Sea” suggests this may mark a departure from his usual punk pop sound. It’s a slow and melodic number which is perhaps surprisingly mature and sophisticated. Together with songs like “Your Distance” and “Lose With Me” they show a different side to Rich’s talent.

That’s not to say fans of his previous work won’t find a lot to like here. The guitars may not be quite as loud on tracks like “That World” and “Like We’ll Never Make It”, but they are still damn fine power pop songs. Perhaps showing he’s probably as much a fan of Tom Petty as he is of KISS.

There’s also a hint of the Boss on this release. Certainly, there’s a similar story telling feel to the likes of “Story Highway” and “Heart’s Souvenir” which also see Rich hitting an Americana type road. Again, it’s a chance for his singer songwriter style to shine. A special mention must also go to “Later Than It Is”, possibly our favourite song on the album. We’re not sure who the duet is with, but it’s a brilliant track and the vocals blend beautifully.

This is a really great release. One that will not only appeal to fans of Rich’s previous bands but could also open up a whole new audience. The widening of style and willingness to show more openness has us recalling Butch Walker. Now, as people will know, we LOVE Butch so that’s a big compliment. So, how about that show in Leamington Mr Ragany??

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