Saint Agnes “The Death Or Glory Gang”

Saint Agnes “The Death Or Glory Gang”


Let’s face it, just the title of this EP should be enough to make you want to listen to this release from Saint Agnes. That’s even before we get to their description as “leather jacket wearing, chain smoking, hard rocking siblings to bands like Starcrawler and Black Honey”.

It opens with “Death Rides A Black Horse” which is surely designed as a soundtrack to a Tarantino Western. We then get the title track “The Death Or Glory Gang” which, with its bad ass guitar riff and huge drums, perfectly lives up to the above description of the band.

There’s a similar dirty rock n roll feel to  “Diablo, Take Me Home” a song which feels like the perfect marriage between The Black Keys and Royal Blood. This could just be a huge hit and is built for massive festival crowds. Whilst “I Feel Dangers Around You” is like the song Jack White has been striving to deliver.

This is a great introduction to the band. A smash and grab blast of rock n roll that will leave you feeling beaten and bruised (in a good way!). It does what every good EP should do….leaves you desperate for more.

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