The Imaginary Hat “Age Of Anxiety”

The Imaginary Hat “Age Of Anxiety”


As much as we love our low slung rock n roll, sometimes you even need a break from that. That’s why this EP from The Imaginary Hat appealed to us. It was suggested that it would offer up a mix of Artic Monkeys/Jack White but also Louis Armstrong. That’s certainly something they deliver with tracks like “Pretty Little Features” and “Tick Tick Tick”.

These songs are an irresistible blend of influences like electro, swing, jazz and blues. Strangely, these aren’t genres which individually appeal to us but when they are delivered together with the up-tempo vibe of “Monkey Glands” they take on a whole new vibe. The EP then ends with the more smouldering and seductive sound of “Until One Of Us Dies”.

If you’ve picked up on bands like The Electro Swing Circus then this is clearly a band for you. The songs are delivered in a style which are very theatrical. This EP is a greater intro to the clearly talented and diverse Imaginary Hat. It also makes us keen to experience the songs live, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for any gigs taking place.

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