Lincoln Durham “And Into Heaven Came The Night”

Lincoln Durham “And Into Heaven Came The Night”

Sometimes an artist bio really does capture what they are about. That’s certainly true of these words from Lincoln’s website:
“Armed with old bastardized mid-century guitars, hand-me-down fiddles and banjos, home-made contraptions with just enough tension on a string to be considered an instrument and any random percussive item he can get his hands or feet on, Lincoln Durham is a Southern-Gothic Psycho-Blues Revival-Punk One-Man-Band with a heavy amped edge, preaching the gospel of some new kind of depraved music”.
Opener “Heaven” certainly sets the scene for this album, as it’s a dark and dirty, intensive blues number. Together with songs like “Grave” and “Death”, as their titles suggest, Lincoln Durham has a dark mind and can deliver some brutal songs.

It’s weird how sometimes music can recall other art forms such as books, movies or (quality) TV shows. In this case, you can’t help but feel that numbers like “Preacher” and “Laugh” would’ve been perfect for the soundtrack to True Blood. Their blend of swamp like, gothic blues could so easily have accompanied the darker moments of that show. They’re dark and sinister but still appealing and seductive.

Forget the commercial blues of the likes of Royal Blood, this is far more gritty and authentic. The dirty blues man that Jim Morrison became on L.A Woman is alive and well on tracks like “Hate” and “Feather”.

Lincoln Durham has created a really enchanting album. It’s strange how something so rooted in music history can still appear so relevant. This won’t be anyone’s go to party album. But on a cold and dark night this will be a perfect haunting soundtrack.

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