Thee DB3 “S/T”

Thee DB3 “S/T”


We were absolutely gutted when The Caezars came to a premature end. They were one of the few bands who were managing to bring the rockabilly sound right up to date. We were therefore delighted to hear that Danny “O” Dawkins From The Caezars was now in Thee DB3.
Tracks like “The Devil’s Driver”, “Might Be Dead” and “Gonzo Fireball” suggest that this band may be taking a slightly harder and greasier approach to their sound than the purer rock n roll of The Caezars. There’s a bit of added punk rock to songs like “Shot Through The Heart” and “Motorbike And Sidecar”.
However, as shown by “Drag Strip” and “Red Light Fever”, rockabilly still forms the base and heart for this band. It may be harder and faster than the traditional sound but it’s definitely still rock n roll.
The album features quite a few instrumentals, like the surf guitar of “The Swan” and “The Man from Building 7”. To be honest, we’re never that keen on tracks without vocals and lyrics. But that’s probably because we’re just not talented enough to appreciate the obvious quality of the musicianship!
This is an album which will appeal to both rockabilly and punk rock fans. It’s got some dirty and greasy rockers but also tracks that are closer to a purer rock n roll sound. It’s certainly delivered with a passion and attitude which is always one of the most important things with any style of music.

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