The Darts “Me.Ow”

The Darts “Me.Ow”


We must admit that we find this band’s name a bit of a strange one. We can’t help but picture middle aged, overwight men throwing ‘arrows’ in a pub when we hear it. In total contrast, the band is actually a million miles away from that! There a US group described as ‘Garage-psych-rock grrls who will make your head slam and your feet shake.’

First song “The Cat’s Meow” is a brilliant opener to the album. As the title may suggest, it slithers along with a dark and brooding purr. It’s both loveable and aloof at the same time. There is certainly a real darkness to songs like “Slay Me” and “Strange Days”.

Coincidentally, there’s an almost Doors esque feel to tracks like “Gonna Make You Love Me”. Not necessarily in the sound but just the general tone and feel of the song. It has that sense of pent up anger and feel it’s bordering on the edge of being in control. That recklessness and passion is also present on songs like “The Generator”

The other band you can’t help thinking about is The Cramps. Most notably on “Not My Baby” and “Get Messy” which have an underlying rockabilly beat to them. This added dash of rock n roll continues in “Don’t Freak Me Out” and helps to bring a slightly lighter mood and sense of fun to the album.

Overall though this album is certainly focussed on a more intense sound and with songs like “I Made A Wish” there is a sense of seediness and debauchery, all be it delivered with a dash of sweetness to ensure it remains appealing. “Caught In The Devil’s Game” is an apt title as this is certainly a set of tunes that’s unlikely to appeal to angels! Inevitably with this type of sound you also see the shadow of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, most notably on the slower and brooding “You’ll Bring Me Flowers”.

This isn’t necessarily one of those albums that grab you on immediate listen. Those tend to be the more shiny and upbeat ones. This is certainly what you’d call a grower. After a couple of listens the songs are like vines which gradually twist around you and capture you. Dark and brooding tracks that soon totally capture and enthral you. A must for fans of the darker side of rock n roll.

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