Trampolene – 12/12/17 Supporting Liam Gallagher @ The Arena, Birmingham

Trampolene – 12/12/17 Supporting Liam Gallagher @ The Arena, Birmingham



There can’t be much more of an endorsement for an up and coming band than to be put on the bill for one of the hottest live tickets of the year (after all Mr Gallagher was the Q’s best live act of the year). This was a sold-out gig at a huge arena and therefore a very prestigious slot…so no pressure!

To be fair it is quite clear from the outset that Trampolene are taking all of this in their stride and are quite comfortable in this sized venue. It’s a good call, of course, to have a Beatles song on just before you come on stage. That combined with the spoken intro from their album is enough to wind up the anticipation levels amongst the crowd.

They even add a bit more pressure as that ‘political’ intro, the Welsh flag over the amp and the fact they are a trio also makes you inevitably think of the Manic Street Preachers. The title of opening song “It’s Not Rock & Roll” proves to be very ironic as that is exactly what it is. It’s a ferocious but melodic song where they also include a few bars from 7 Nations Army (or ‘the Jeremy Corbyn song’ to give it it’s full title). It shows straight away that the band are very comfortable on this big stage.

“You Do Nothing For Me” has a bit more of a funk rock vibe and indeed shares the arrogance and melody of Oasis at their peak so naturally gets the crowd moving. That’s before they swiftly move on to “Alcohol Kiss” which is a real rip snorter of a song and as good live as it is on record, a proper indie rocker.

The band’s bravery, in front of a somewhat ‘laddish’ crowd, continues with the reciting of a poem, Nicky Wire would surely be proud! Although the fact it’s about Ketamine probably helps to get a good reaction! As the title suggests, “Beautiful Pain” is a slower and more epic song which shows just how tight they are for a new band. Whilst “Swansea to Hornsey” continues to build the intensity of the show which is a big success given the early set time. A triumphant support slot is then finished with a solo acoustic version of “Songbird”. An easy way to win over a crowd but also riddled with the risk of it going wrong. Not surprisingly it’s performed to sing along perfection which suggests the band will have won over a group of new fans.

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