Holy Moly & The Crackers “Salem”

Holy Moly & The Crackers “Salem”


Choosing a band name must be really hard, but we have to say Holy Moly & The Crackers is a bloody good one! The fact that they’re a gypsy rock band who are delivering barnstorming indie rock just makes it even more perfect.

The title track, “Salem”, opens up the album and you immediately know that this is going to be something a bit different (and special). It begins with a gypsy punk sound before growing into an appropriately brooding tune. The beat picks up with the excellent “Cold Comfort Lane” a song which has a real ‘shimmy’ to it. Along with the strutting “Sugar” and the irresistible flair of “Woman From Spain”, these are the songs to get your arse shaking.

The songs on this album have a real sense of drama and vaudeville to them. It’s not surprising then that tracks like “Hallelujah Amen” and “Easy At The Sunrise” remind us of the awesome Urban Voodoo Machine. Like that band, you sense that live, Holy Moly & The Crackers will be as close to vaudeville cabaret as they are to a rock show.

A particular highlight of the album is “Mary” a song that blends so many different styles and influences perfectly. It mixes a modern spoken word verse style with a dramatic soundscape which builds into a huge gypsy punk sound…great stuff. Along with “Let Go” it shows the band’s talent for offering something varied and different whilst remaining appealing and accessible.

This is a great album that will appeal to people looking for something a little bit “off the wall”. However, it’s not just being ‘alternative’ for alternative sake. Holy Moly & The Crackers are a band capable of delivering crunching tunes with plenty of style, showmanship and flair.

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