Bitch Queens “L.O.V.E.”

Bitch Queens “L.O.V.E.”


Lets be honest, this reviews is probably pretty pointless. 90% of you will have seen the band name and the album title and already decided if this is one for you or not. So you only really need to read on if you are a fan of scuzzy rock n roll.

That point is rammed home by opener “Anti-Social”, it has lyrics to match the title and a dirty rock sound, like a UK Motley Crue. Indeed, songs like “R-Rated” are driven by the same chugging guitar riffs matched with catchy choruses that kept the Crue fed and watered for all these years.

Whilst songs like “Boy Toys Of Glory” are built for fans of the hair bands from the 80’s and 90’s, they also retain a sense of humour that sometimes went missing from that scene. Indeed, we haven’t heard a gutter humour song like “Naked & Denim” or “Polymeric Lover” since the days of Towers of London!

That’s not to say there aren’t some more ‘substantial’ songs on this release. Appropriately, “B-Stock Babies” is very reminiscent of Backyard Babies at their early brilliant best. Along with “Devine Receiver” it has a dirtier, punk n roll sound. It’s that style which may be the band’s best route if they want to expand their fan base. Although they actually get the balance exactly right with “Girls Girls Boys Boys” which perfectly blends glam choruses with punky verses.

It’s very easy to be snooty about this album, especially given its roots are in a scene that is already widely derided.  The Bitch Queens actually remind us of the original Tigertailz.  In some ways, there ‘tongue in cheek’ songs could detract from just how good they are. But that misses the point that this style of music is meant to be FUN! As stated at the outset, this is not a release for po-faced music fans. This is a Saturday night, rocking party album with songs that are big, dumb and most probably full of c…!!

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