…And The Hangnails “DOG”

……And The Hangnails “DOG”

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It’s always great to hear about a rock band from the UK as we just don’t seem to produce that many anymore. So we were keen to check out the new release from York/London based group…And The Hangnails. That’s particularly true when they promise a record ‘full of serious garage/punk bangers’.

Opening with “Don’t Waste My Time” is a pretty big statement of intent. It’s an in your face, blustering, rock number that packs a real punch. It’s not alone though, tracks like “Junk” and “The Way You Want It” are driven by punchy guitar riffs. They have a big sound, similar to bands like Royal Blood and Band Of Skulls.

However, there is also a snotty, cool punk feel to this band as well. “Too Far Gone” has the same wasted scowl in the vocals that have been perfected by The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas.  “Enjoy It While It Lasts” and “Answering Machine” add in a punk pop chorus and are the obvious choices for radio play.

Things step back a decade or two with “Nothing Wrong”, a track which, to us, has a rhythm sound that recalls The Smiths. Indeed, “Do You Harm” also has more of an indie feel to it. That’s all before final song, “Fear” wraps everything up in the triumphant way the album began, and it’s a real monster of a track.

That’s one thing we really like about this album, from the start to the finish it doesn’t ease off. It’s packed full of strong, hard rock songs. It sounds like a band oozing with confidence and strength… and we definitely need more bands like that.

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