Great Cynics “POSI”

Great Cynics “POSI”

great cyn

Great Cynics may be a UK band but they don’t necessarily take a ‘British’ approach to their sound. That’s something even gleamed from the album title which reflects their desire to have an album with an overwhelmingly positive approach. Indeed, their aim is to serve a musical love letter to every day life in London Town (how unBritish can you get!).

We love an album that kicks off on a big and bright note and that’s certainly true with “Let Me Go Home”. Along with “Only In Memories” these are just great catchy pop/rock songs. They’re driving in your car, in the sunshine, singing along at the top of your voices tracks.

If you’re looking for quiet, introspective songs to mope along to, then this is definitely not the band for you! That’s not to say the songs are not without merit or are just throwaway. It’s easy to underestimate how difficult it is to craft the perfect pop of “Blue Roll and Duct Tape”. They also show an ability to add a bit of extra pace and rock power on tracks like “Easily Done” and the more pop punk of “Butterfly Net”.

As we’ve already suggested, one of the most surprising things about Great Cynics is the fact that they’re British. If it wasn’t for the references to ‘Sainsburys in the rain’ on “Shabba Shabba”, you’d think that this was a sunny California band. Surely, songs like “Too Much” and “Summer At Home” are just too damn positive and uplifting to come from these shores!

We really didn’t think that the UK was capable of creating bands like this. Only US bands like The Crash Moderns or Everything Else seemed to have the right environment to create modern positive pop rock songs like these. Hopefully, as ‘one of our own’ they’ll be able to generate some wider support. For now, this is the perfect album to chase away those winter blues.


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