Fancey “Love Mirage”

Fancey “Love Mirage”


Todd Fancey isn’t a name which is known to us, but many of you will have heard of him as the guitarist for the Canadian band New Pornographers. This is actually his second release under the name Fancey, but the last one was ten years ago. It certainly offers the idea of something different with plenty of references to a sound which is based on the seventies and infectious tunes.

This album nails its colours to the mast straight away with “Love Mirage”, a song which couldn’t be any more Seventies disco. Along with “Wander”, you won’t be able to hear these tracks without picturing a multi coloured dance floor and glitter ball. It would be very easy to be cynical about this album, but when faced with the perfect disco pop of “Baby Love” or “Witch Attitude” you realise it’s futile to try and resist.

Then, when you’ve tired of all the disco dancing, you can chill out to the Bee Gee’s esque ballad pop of “Dream All Night” and “Carrie. You’ll then float away on the dreamy sound of “Disco Angel”. Any of these tracks could easily appear on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Listening to tracks like “Baby Sunshine” or “Turn Around Baby” is like hearing Daft Punk but without the need to complicate things with electro and dance sounds. If you loved the Scissor Sisters, but didn’t think they were high camp enough for you, then this is the record for you!

They say that a change is as good as a rest and this is certainly something different for us. You can try to be as cool or rock n roll as you like, but it’s hard to resist a bit of disco pop. Yeah, it’s a bit tacky and some people will consider it a ‘guilty pleasure’. But, why be guilty about something that is just fun to listen to and makes you feel better? So, don’t be scared, grab your disco shoes and give it a go!


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