Electric Swing Circus “It Flew By”

Electric Swing Circus “It Flew By”


Electric Swing Circus will always bring back fond memories for us as we first stumbled across them at our debut coverage of Secret Garden Party. In many ways, they encapsulated that festival by being a band who were equal parts fun, showmanship, talent and individuality. We were therefore excited to hear that their intentions for this album were to recreate that live sound and feeling.

Things certainly get off to a fine start with “Big Surprise”, a song which effortlessly captures the expected swing sound but with a more contemporary flourish. Indeed, one of the best things about this band is they don’t get caught up in a narrow and defined sound. Therefore, “Demons” owes as much to modern dance music as it does to Twenties swing. That’s not to say that they don’t offer enough to keep their core audience happy. On songs like “Empires” and “Gimme”, there’s plenty of swing and doo wop to keep the vintage fans happy.

This album does see them exploring many different styles and influences. So “Golden Hour” takes in a jazz and soul sound and then “Hit And Run” would be equally at home in a dance club with its electro soul and funk feel. “Mr Magpie” even manages to take the Twenties in to a seventies disco!

Most impressively, they do achieve their objective of capturing their live magic. Songs like “Remedy” and the surprisingly rocking “Mamacita” have a real vibrancy and beat to them. They’re the songs that will get you dancing along in your kitchen. They’ll leave you eagerly awaiting their Swingamajig event. Until then, you will be able to satisfy yourself with the glorious “Renegade Soundwave”. A particular mention must also go to final track “Scutterball”. We have no idea what the title means, but if this track doesn’t leave you on a high then there’s something seriously wrong with you!

Electric Swing Circus are quite rightly regarded as one of the leading lights in the electro swing scene. Unlike others they have not settled for covers or to being restricted by that style. This album shows them continuing to grow and develop their sound. It steps away from the clichés to allow them to have a far wider appeal. So whether you’re wearing a vintage costume or not, grab yourself a cocktail and give this a spin.

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