Tango Pirates “Danger! Children At Play”

Tango Pirates “Danger! Children At Play”


Tango Pirates are a band who have been around for a while now, but with a changing line up. However, the one consistent member is the glam/sleaze rock legend, Danny Fury. There is absolutely no doubting his rock n roll credentials when you consider he has been involved in some of the greatest bands in the genre eg. Lords Of The New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain and the Dog’s D’amour.

Opening number “Western Voodoo Mission” is all you might expect given Danny’s history. It’s a dirty, sleazy rock n roll song with a really debaucherous tone. This is no lightweight glammy release though, “Borrowed Time” is a heavy tune with an almost industrial, gothic feel. Although, to be honest, we’re more at home with the stripper blues of “Ghost Ship Bar Blues”.

If ever a song title epitomised this group, then surely it’s “Long Live Rock N Roll”. You can tell from their sound that this is a release by people who live and breathe rock n roll. The EP comes to an end with the Hanoi Rocks esque “Dark Star”. A brilliant song that is equal parts dirty licks and sing along chorus.

Like all good pirates, these songs are a motley collection of bad guys but with a sense of style and panache that charms you. You know you shouldn’t really like them, but you can’t resist the temptation of their dark debauchery. It’s only rock n roll….but we like it!!

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