T-99 “Bedlam”

T-99 “Bedlam”


T-99 are a roots rocking trio from Amsterdam who are new to us but have been touring all over Europe since 1999. They offer up a sound which is described as being an eclectic mix of rock n roll, blues, country, surf and soul. Now, that sounds like a pretty good mix to us.

Sometimes a song title matches it’s sound perfectly and that’s certainly true with “Madhouse Bugaloo”, a punky rockabilly song which is a great start to this album. Tracks like “Roaster Toaster” and “Straight Jacket” are all really great rock n roll songs. They are, however, given an extra bit of a kick with a bit of punk rock snarl. Although “Lunatic Asylum” has a strut that The Stray Cats would be proud of.

There’s a sense, however, that T-99 are being careful not to get too pigeon holed. When you hear the blues riff of “Medicine”, you’ll be convinced it’s a long lost Hendrix track. There are also a couple of slower tunes on the album. “What An Island” is a melancholic 50’s lament and “Time” adds a more New Orleans feel.

To be honest though, we prefer it when the band rock out and there’s plenty more examples of that . A particular highlight is “Back To You”, a song which has an almost Soul feel added to the rock n roll. Then “Get Loose” is a straight up rocker that’s designed for drinking and dancing to.

As we have seen with someone like JD McPherson, no matter how music evolves there is always a place for a bit of good old rock n roll. That’s what T-99 deliver here. It might not be new but if you’re looking for some music to accompany that first beer at the end of a long week, this will definitely do the trick.

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