Catl “This Shakin’ House”

Catl “This Shakin’ House”


We mainly like to stick to recent releases on this site but occasionally even we miss out on a great album. Certainly, when we heard Catl being described as “a stripped down, juke-joint blues band that will make you drink n’ sweat til you can’t drink n’ sweat no more”, we knew we had to check them out immediately. This album is a couple of years old but the good news is that there is a new one in the making.

Things certainly get off to a gritty start with the ramshackle rock n roll of “Lamplight The Way”. Along with “Gateway Blues” there’s a swampy bluegrass sound but mixed into a purer rock sound.

Things take a more sultry tone with the female vocals of Sarah K on “Resistance Place”. It’s still a dirty tune but has a snake like slither to it. A feel that is kept going by “F.U. Blues” and “Save Myself”, but those have an added Stonesesque, hip shaking quality, about them.

When listening to songs like “Dead Water Disco” and “Hold My Body Down”, it’s tempting to use the phrase ‘real music’ when describing them. They’re songs built on the traditional foundations of the blues and old school rock n roll. Indeed, with “Waiting List” we’re in country rockabilly territory. That’s before the whole thing is wound up with the bluegrass balladry of “Awake All Night (Song For The Witness)”.

Despite the references in this review to traditional influences, this isn’t just some kind of retro sounding album. Maybe that because bands like Alabama Shakes and Shovels & Ropes have brought this sound back to the mainstream. Although, this album sounds even more relevant than those bands. Of course, this album is now a couple of years old but it’s worth getting and will leave you eagerly awaiting their new release next year.

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