Savoy Motel “S/T”

Savoy Motel “S/T”


We’re always keen on hearing a band that has a bit of seventies glam and funk about it. That would certainly appear to be the case with Savoy Motel, given some of the early press we’ve seen and taking a glance at the album’s cover. It’s not necessarily a sound you would associate with Nashville, Tennessee, so we were keen to hear what this release would actually offer up.

Opener “Souvenir Shop Rock” may have an air of seventies about it, but it’s a joyful song with its mixture of rock, power pop and funk. That funky feel gets taken up a notch or two with the electro, indie disco, sound of “Western Version Boogie”.

There’s a debauched swagger added to “Doctor Cook”, a song we’d love to hear in a dirty basement club. They even throw in more of a Stones’ rock n roll feel on “Everybody Wants To Win”, a great track with a more soulful feel.

Then suddenly, with “Mindless Blues” we’re thrown into a sound which is equal parts Madchester Hacienda and Studio 54 Disco! That’s just before they go on a total prog disco wig out with “International Language”. It’s crazy stuff before we return to the electro disco, with an added dash of Marc Bolan, on final track “Hot One”.

In many ways, it really feels like this album shouldn’t work. It’s a bit cheesy and blends genres which really have no reason to be put together. But, somehow, it just works! It’s like a soundtrack to a brilliant night out at various NYC clubs, but all squeezed into just over half an hour. We’d certainly be more than happy to book a room at the Savoy Motel for a night of fun!

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