The Computers “Birth/Death”

The Computers “Birth/Death”


The Computers first came to our attention following a brilliant performance at 2000 Trees Festival. We immediately went out and bought their “Love Triangles Hate Squares” album and really loved that. They’re a band who always offer a lot more than your typical indie rock band, so we were very keen to see what they had in store for us on this latest release.

Even with all that, we weren’t quite prepared for the smooth vocals and gospel sound of the intro track “Birth”. The first song ‘proper’, “Want The News? Here’s The Blues” is a great track, with a funky beat and a perfect blend of soul and indie guitar. It’s a cracking start to the album, and the quality just continues with “This Ain’t Right” which has an even bigger Northern Soul style influence. That feel continues throughout the album, on numbers like “Weighed Down” and, despite it’s title, ” Little Death”. You soon realise that The Computers have pulled off the near impossible job of creating a rock album you can actually dance to!

Even when the band are delivering a song about a Mother’s death on “Mother”, they still give it a disco beat which makes it far too catchy for the subject matter! When you hear songs like “NYE”, we guarantee you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet and nodding your head. That’s if you’re in public, on you own, you will be in full ass shaking mode listening to this album.

“God Only Knows” is more of a bigger sounding indie rocker and with it’s strong melody and anthemic quality could be an unexpected hit. It’s a similar story with final track “Bad Wolf” which is again a mixture of soul and indie and we’d love to hear it blasted out on radios across the country.

Let’s face it, we don’t produce that many great indie rock bands in the UK anymore. Let alone one that brings something a little different to the party. We should therefore be cherishing The Computers. Not only is this a must buy album and a contender for album of the year, it firmly puts The Computers up there as one of our favourite bands around at the moment.

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