Last Great Dreamers “Transmissions From Oblivion”

Last Great Dreamers “Transmissions From Oblivion”


We were a little bit nervous when we got this release. After all, we loved the Last Great Dreamers the first time they were around. What if, all these years later, this much anticipated new album wasn’t any good?!?! Of course, we should already have been comforted by the early single release, and the fact that it was clear from our interview with the band (See Here) that they still had the same approach to their music and importantly the fire in their bellies. Nonetheless, it was still with a sense of trepidation that we pressed play……

Of course, all our worries were immediately put to rest by the first song. “Oblivion Kids” has that classic Last Great Dreamers’ sound, a great pop rock song with a slight sci-fi feel, a brilliant melody and a catchy chorus. It’s the same story with “Love To Hate Me”, another song that’s as catchy as hell and built to be shouted out at a concert.

One of the things we really love about Last Great Dreamers, is that they’re one of the few bands guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A great example of this, is the single “Glitter ball Apocalypse”. Only the Last Great Dreamers could get away with releasing a song which opens up like November Rain before turning into a chorus which sounds like Marc Bolan singing Three Lions!! Likewise, they sound like a male Transvision Vamp (that IS a compliment!) on the unbelievably catchy “White Light Black Heart”. If you’re not singing and dancing along to this song then you need to check your pulse!

This band just know how to write a great ‘pop’ song and there are numerous examples on this release. “Elegy For Us” is a song which has you tapping your foot and singing along on the first listen. Whilst “Alone” will make you feel like you’ve just discovered a brilliant, long lost, T-Rex ballad. They know all the tricks in the book and play them with style, take the Spector/Shangri Las drum feel on “Tommy’s Tears” as a great example.

It’s important to remember that the band have more than earned their dues on the rock gig circuit. A point made crystal clear by “Dope School”, which is one of the rockiest songs they’ve done. We also get a great dirty, gutter guitar, rock sound on “Werewolves”. The harder pace is then kept going with the hard riffing “You Don’t Work”, and the chugging guitar sound of “Chasing Heroes”. Although, even on those songs, you’re only just a few seconds away from a killer, sing-a-long chorus.

There has always been a real gang mentality about this band and that’s probably why their harmonised vocals just work so well. Right through to final song, “Turn It Up”, their upbeat sound is carried along by chanted vocals that just build up a feeling of euphoria.

One of our big fears about this ‘come back’ album was that it would sound dated. The fact is, however, that Last Great Dreamers never sat easily in the time and genre (glam/sleaze rock) when they were first around. So, in some ways, it’s actually as out of step now as it was back then. So that begs the question if it is dated? Well, maybe, if taking influences from the brilliant sounds of Bowie and T-Rex means it is. From our perspective, pop/rock songs, full of melody and charm are certainly as relevant now as they have ever been. In fact, we hope it will be equally as relevant in 10/20 years time. This is really a triumphant return for a band that truly deserves a place in your heart.

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