Tigertailz “Blast”

Tigertailz “Blast”


Being totally honest, we actually resisted giving this album a listen for a while. Having loved the band back in their early days, we were concerned that with only one original member we were bound to be disappointed. However, having recently seen them live, we were not only reminded of some of the great songs they have done but were also impressed at what a good live band they were.

Our decision to give the album a spin is immediately rewarded with the glam pop of “Just For One Night”. Things get even better with the totally anthemic “All The Girls In The World”. It’s quite clear that the band are back to the fun time songs that made “Young & Crazy” and “Bezerk” so great.

Keeping up the honesty, these songs are as tacky as bright pink bubblegum. However, that also means that tracks like the Motley Crue esque “Crime Against Rock and Roll” are so catchy that you’ll be humming them afterwards, even if you don’t want to!

The band did a great job of getting some media interest with their proposed Eurovision entry, “Pipped It Popped It”. God knows, why they didn’t choose it! It’s a glamtastic, tongue in cheek, 70’s glam song. Indeed, never mind going back to eighties hair metal, it’s not just the cover of Mud’s “Dynamite” that has its stacked heel firmly placed in the seventies.

As is the case with any self respecting glam metal album (is that an oxymoron??), there has to be a ‘poignant’ ballad. In this case, it’s “In The Arms Of Mary”. It may not quite match their previous classic, “Heaven”, but it would still have been a huge hit on MTV at the peak of the glam metal scene.

In many ways, you really have to admire the way that Tigertailz have effectively stuck a finger up at the music industry, just by releasing an album which pays no attention to any current trends. This is a band who know how you write great glam pop songs. There’s the sense that they’ve just decided f**k it, let’s just do this and have some fun. The result is an album that has some gloriously tacky and throw away songs … disposable, but great fun.

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