The Senton Bombs “Mass Vendetta”

The Senton Bombs “Mass Vendetta”


When we first started to hear about this release from The Senton Bombs, there was talk of a great, big rock n roll band recalling the likes of Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Backyard Babies etc. We therefore assumed that they were from America, probably L.A., or at a push maybe Sweden. It was therefore, a bit of a shock to discover they were from Blackpool in the U.K! Not exactly a mecca of rock n roll. That, however, just made us even more intrigued to discover what the band was all about.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard such a cool rock riff like the one that opens up this album on “Trailblazer”. There is no hiding from the fact that this is a ‘proper’ rock album. The kind that will have you thinking of bands like Guns N Roses (when they were good!), Backyard Babies, early Skid Row etc. Indeed “Mainstream” hits the sleazy height that only the best Sunset Strip bands like Faster Pussycat were able to reach.

Songs like “Train Wreck” and the title track “Mass Vendetta” are really just about big riffs, low slung guitars and slutty vocals. “13 Days” is just a brilliant punk n roll song, which is as anthemic as it is dirty. Are the songs sophisticated? No, P.C? No, but they’re damn good fun.

That’s not to say that the album isn’t without its subtlety though. Whilst “Out West” may start like a typical rock ballad, it’s really just a strong pop/rock number. “Avalanche” also shows a more ‘mature’ sound which initially comes as a surprise. It’s a more moody and darker song, which recalls the hugely under rated The Throbs with its Alice Cooper esque sound.

We’re soon back to the scuzzy rock n roll of “Pretty Tricky” and the swaggering style of “Wedlock Horns”. These songs are really like a history lesson in sleaze rock, taking in the greats like Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks, Guns N Roses and Backyard Babies. It all then comes to a premature end with the hair metal rock of “Apex”.

The fact that we’ve name checked some of our favourite bands of all time probably shows how much we loved this album. We are not ashamed of our love of glam/hair metal. Despite being a much derided scene, it produced a fair few great rock n roll bands and some classic tracks. Since those Sunset Strip hey days, a number of bands have tried to revive that sound. However, they have tended to end up just either poorly imitating those bands or, indeed, making a mockery of them. The Senton Bombs are one of the very few modern bands who have delivered an album that can comfortably sit alongside great albums like, Appetite, Second Coming, Wake Me When It’s Over, Total 13 etc. If you recognise those titles then you definitely need to go out and buy this!!

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