The Jacques “Pretty DJ”

The Jacques “Pretty DJ”


Maybe we are just getting jaded, but it’s very rare these days that we hear a song on the radio from a new band and think that we must check them out. However, that was the case when we heard The Jacques, and we have been rewarded with this EP.

The title track “Pretty DJ” opens up the EP and it’s a brilliant start. It takes the indie rock n roll of The Libertines, but delivers it in a cheekier and more appealing style. It’s an approach repeated on “Foreign Films”. Both of these songs just seem to be built for the dance floor of an indie disco.

Things get a bit scuzzier on “Scum In A Bottle”. It has a darker, punkier sound which will appeal to fans of the early stuff by the Arctic Monkeys. As exemplified by “Weekends”, there is just a throwaway, looseness to their songs. Which is how an indie pop EP should be!

Anyone who is tired of The Libertines pantomime should really check this out. The comparisons are obvious but there is a greater appeal and likeability about The Jacques. These songs are just great, indie rock n roll, numbers. Sadly, those are like gold dust these days.

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