Born Ruffians “Ruff”

Born Ruffians “Ruff”


Born Ruffians are not a new band, indeed, they formed in Canada way back in 2004. However, they’re new to us. “Ruff” is apparently the album which sees them getting ‘back to form’ but, with nothing to compare it, to we are glad to get the chance to judge it on its own merits.

When we heard first track “Don’t Live Up”, the first person we thought of was the brilliant Ezra Furman. Songs like this and “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away” (an even Ezra esque title!), have the same kooky mix of pop and off beat indie. Meanwhile, “Stupid Dream” kicks off like something off an eighties sound track before developing into a catchy indie pop number. There’s a greater emphasis on a more electro pop feel on tracks like “Yawn Trees”. Along with “Fuck Feelings”, there is a more melancholic tone to those numbers.

Our preference is for those songs with a more quirky sense of fun about them, such as “& On & On & On”. Things get a bit psychedelic and return to a more electro sound on the pulsating “Let Me Get It Out”. It all ends with “Shade To Shade” which already sounds like a festival set closer, on a warm summer evening.

Born Ruffians have a really varied sound which makes them hard to fit into any genre. That’s actually a positive thing. Indeed, the success of bands like the previously mentioned Ezra Furman and the hugely popular 1975, may suggest that the old genres are dying out anyhow. There is no longer the need for a band to find a ‘home’ in the indie, pop or electro world. Instead, they can draw fans from all of those and continue to deliver a heady mix of influences and styles in their sound.

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