Sugar Fly “S/T” EP

Sugar Fly “S/T” EP


We always like the idea of soul and rock being combined, which is how Sugar Fly describe their sound. When their description includes a band with “the charm of a scuffed wooden bar, whisky soaked cigars and bootleg rye”, then it sounds pretty much up our street!

When opener “Heartbreak City” kicks in, you think you’re just going to hear a fairly regular rock song. Then you hear the voice of Tia Simone, and it makes you think, oh boy what a sound. Her voice is not only striking and powerful, but it really brings the soul into the sound. Things get even funkier on “Blind”, and the song has a huge zeppelin esque riff.

After those blasting numbers, the slow, sweet, soul of “Speak To Me” feels like a hot warm bath for your ears. They’re soon bringing the rock/funk back though, with the infectious “11 Steps”. It’s a bright and bold song which will get you shaking your hips. Things then come to an end all too quickly with the thumping “Dig”.

This is a really good EP, which blends the sort of big rock riffs that Jack White loves, with a funky, soul feel. Even though it has a kind of retro sound, it successfully merges blues, rock, funk, soul and pop. It results in an EP that is full of great songs that demand to be played loud.

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