Boy From The Crowd “Where The Bees Come To Die”

Boy From The Crowd – “Where The Bees Come To Die”


Whilst only a duo, this East London Band are not short of variety in their sound or influences. They take their lead from styles such as Delta blues, surf rock, good old rock n roll and then deliver them all with hefty dose of punk attitude.

Opener, “Revelator”, shows that this is a band that means business. Its got an indie rock style to it, but there is also a darker and more sinister feel. It’s followed up by the crunching blues riffing of “All I Need”, a dirty track which is sure to appeal to fans of the like of Royal Blood. Things take a rather more laid back approach on “The Road”. It has an almost nineties indie a la Stone Roses feel until the parts when crunching guitars kick in. It’s by far our favourite song on this E.P. The E.P then comes to an end with the title song, “Where The Bees Come To Die”. A spiralling, almost psychedelic, instrumental track.

This is an E.P. which offers a lot of promise. There’s a good mixture of styles and influences, which the band combine to produce a hard hitting sound. It also opens up lots of avenues for them to continue to explore on a full album. Definitely one to add to your list of bands to watch out for.

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