Darrell Bath “Roll Up”

Darrell Bath “Roll Up”


It’s fair to say that Darrell Bath is something of a rock n roll survivor. A guy who has managed to be around for decades but has constantly delivered great music. That’s whether being involved in some legendary bands like The Crybabies and The Dog’s D’amour or as a solo artist like on this release.

Once first song “Dancin’ With The Devil’s Goombah” kicks in, it’s like meeting up with an old friend. As we have come to expect from Darrell, it’s a low slung, dirty, rock n roll song. Tracks like the brilliant “Slimline Jim” keep it simple, but also very effective. There’s the rock n roll throwaway style of The Rolling Stones, mixed up with the laid back vocal approach of Johnny Thunder. However, the most important point about the songs on this album, is that they just sound god damn fun. When Darrell talks about the importance of music on “It’s In The Music”, you just know it’s genuine and heartfelt.

There has always been a sense that Darrell’s a somewhat frustrated cowboy, a point demonstrated by the country tinge on “Clingin’ On”. He also shows a neat change of pace with the more bluesy and refined “Eye For An Eye”. On the whole though, this is fundamentally a good time album, a point made clear by the jokey “Muppets” or the swaggering rock n roll of the brilliant “Rat Palace”. It all then comes to a glorious end with the easy going “Man Monkey”.

As demonstrated by his previous releases, Darrell Bath is a man with rock n roll in his blood. He may not be reinventing music, but what he does, he does bloody well. There will always be a place for some bar room, rock n roll a la The Rolling Stones. However, the number of musicians that are actually capable of pulling it off with a sense of authenticity and passion is gradually dwindling away. Indeed, anyone seduced by the fake rock n roll antics of say The Libertines would be better off hearing this and experiencing the genuine article.

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