Aree And The Pure Heart

Aree And The Pure Heart “Heart Songs” EP

Sometimes, you just hear a band name and get the feeling you’re going to like their sound. That was the case for us when we first heard about Aree And The Pure Heart. When their bio also refers to the idea of ‘streetlight punk rock poetry’ our expectation levels for this EP were raised even further.
The band waste no time in grabbing your attention with the excellent “Waiting On The Sunset”. The moment we say it’s like a Springsteen rocker played by a punk band you know we’re on to something special. It’s an upbeat tune, despite it’s tale of heartbreak. The quality continues with the more straight forward rocking of “American Love”. The lyrics confirm that this is a song to be played loud whilst driving your car on a sunny day.

The heartbreak theme returns with “Tear Down Every Wall”, but this is a nice blend of slower Americana with a punk rock bridge and chorus. The combination of a Springsteen esque blue collar sound and a punk rock attitude inevitably has us thinking of The Gaslight Anthem. Sadly the EP comes to an end far too quickly with final track, “Exploding Heart”. Like many of the other tracks, it’s a song that you feel is as well suited to being played in a huge stadium as being blasted out in a small punk rock club.
This really is an awesome EP and every track is excellent. It has all the qualities we look for in our music, with its perfect blend of passion and melody. You get the sense that Aree and The Pure Heart could be huge and in years to come this is one of those sought after EPs that will eventually be rereleased due to high demand. We suggest that you get this now so that you can then prove you were a fan right at the beginning!!

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