Jennie Vee “Spying”

Jennie Vee “Spying”

jennie veeThis may be the debut album release for NYC based/Canadian born Jennie Vee, but she has already built up an impressive C.V. She has already opened up for the Manic Street Preachers and played bass in Courtney Love’s band. The fact that her music has already gained the admiration of Dave Navarro, Alan McGee and The Libertines, suggests that she could be on the horizon of something big. 

The immediate opening of the two tracks “Spying” and “Wicked” send us on a bit of a time warp back to the eighties (in fact, the drum sound strangely brings the Sisters Of Mercy to mind!). However, any fears of a dark and gloomy album are taken away by Jennie’s bright and breezy vocals. They are perfectly suited to the almost electro-pop sound of great songs like “Toys” and “So Hard”.

Whilst ‘pop’ in nature, the songs on this release are neither twee or one dimensional. “Dreamtime”, for example, has a far more atmospheric and expansive sound. Whilst, the brilliant “Delicious” has an almost punky edge that has us dreaming of the delicious Wendy James and Transvision Vamp (if you don’t know who they are, ask your dad!!). That indie/punk sensibility also comes back later on “Kiss The Dust”.

 The hint of something a little darker then reappears on “Real Eyes”, at least until you get to the catchy chorus section. It works in great contrast to the far sunnier feel of “Sleep It Off”. The album then ends with the brilliant “Rock and Roll”. It’s a song which has a wonderful feel to it. Ironically, it’s not actually very rock n roll but has the feel of a warm, sunny afternoon about it.

This is a really great album which has a variety that takes you by surprise. It has an almost electro pop sound which has proven very successful for the likes of La Roux. However, there is also an edgier, indie/pop element to the songs as well. That element sees us making comparisons to the brilliant Jenny Lewis (must be something in the name…even when spelt differently!). Our only criticism would be with the timing of the release, as it has a more summertime feel to it than cold winter nights. Never mind, listening to it can be the perfect way to lift some of that winter gloom!

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