Spirit Bomb “Bridge On Fire”

Spirit Bomb “Bridge On Fire”


The Midlands has a great tradition for producing rock music and Spirit Bomb are looking to add to that with this release. There have been a few punk rock bands appearing in Birmingham over this year so hopefully, this is the start of some kind of scene. It’s certainly great to know that the band formed in 2013 with the intention of playing the music they love, which fortunately for us is rock n roll music with a punk rock soul.

The album kicks off in style with “Problems” which manages to perfectly blend the punk rock anger with a decent melody. Songs like “Life is Politics” and “Achilles Heel” are not for the faint hearted as they are hard hitting punk rock songs. They’re driven along by incessant guitar lines and crashing drums. When you get to “Kick Ass” and it’s repeated refrain of ‘gonna play some kick ass rock n roll’, you are left in no doubt what Spirit Bomb are really all about.

 Importantly, however, the band has ensured that the album doesn’t become too ‘samey’ or repetitive. On “Laurie”, they show an appreciation for a strong melody and catchy chorus. As a result, you get a song which has a feel of The Loyalties or maybe the Wildhearts about it. That continues with “Change As A Chance” which also adds a dash of ska so it recalls everyone’s favourite punk influence, The Clash.

 It isn’t long though until we’re back to the clattering punk of “Bridge On Fire”. They stick to the punk formula of keeping the album short and punchy and it swiftly comes to an end with the excellent “Listen”. This is another one where they allow the melody to keep a tighter grip on the song. It’s an upbeat and catchy final track which leaves you wanting more.

 This type of punk n roll may not be new or revolutionary in a musical sense but that doesn’t stop it being bloody good. With this release, you can see Spirit Bomb joining the likes of The Loyalties, Sorry and The Sinatras and The Compulsions as UK bands who are determined to keep the punk rock n roll flag flying. As the last track suggests, you just need to give it a listen!

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