The Rhythm Shakers “Panic”

The Rhythm Shakers “Panic”
The Rhythm Shakers are a rock n roll band from good old Los Angeles. Whilst clearly based on a love of fifties rock n roll, they’re no throwaway retro act. They have a charismatic lead singer who is no shrinking violet but instead delivers the songs with a sense of savagery.

A track like “No LLoare Mas Por Ti” is not just exotic in it’s name but also a great example of how The Rhythm Shakers add a bit of spice to what is actually a very authentic rockabilly sound. Even the titles of songs like “Please Don’t Leave” and “Watcha Gonna Do” have a classic rockabilly sound and the way the songs are driven by the bass and the wonderfully powerful vocals just rams that home.

The title track “Panic” keeps the rock n roll feel but this time adds a greater sense of darkness and menace to their sound. Likewise, “Corazon”, with it’s Peter Gunn esque guitar line, has an edge about it that you don’t always get in this genre. The highlight of the album is undoubtedly the crawling “Let You Go”. We normally like faster paced songs but this has a sultry tone which is just sexy and irresistible.

The majority of the album seems designed for those that love to twist and jive. Songs like “Hey Sah Lo Ney” are built to get people shaking on the dance floor. It is no wonder that The Rhythm Shakers are getting some great press in the rock n roll scene and also the support of some of the current big players i.e. Darrel Higham. In many ways, their sound is quite ‘classic’ but is in no way old fashioned or cheesily retro. Instead, it has a more timeless feel about it that reminds us of the very true phrase that ‘rock n roll will never die’!

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