Tim Vantol “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!”

Tim Vantol “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!”
We are sure that those of you who read our interview with Tim Vantol (https://thesoulofaclown.com/2015/04/21/tim-vantol-interview/) will be eagerly awaiting news of this album (if you haven’t already bought a copy). It was clear from that interview that Tim is a man who knows his music and has a real love for the work he does.
As soon as you hear songs such as opening number “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!” and “Dirty Boots” the fact that Tim Vantol supported Chuck Ragan on his recent UK tour, will come as no surprise. The songs are built on the same core of heartfelt punk folk songs delivered with a throaty rasp. Although, “Hands Full of Dust” has a slightly more produced and fuller sound that gives a fuller band style to the song.
There is also, somewhat strangely, a British feel to the whole album. That may be linked to the punk intent of songs such as “Apologies, I have Some”. In particular, many of the lyrics have the sense of frustration and passion which seems to be shared by British rather than American acts (we blame the weather!).

Amongst all the intensity, there is still room for a bit of melody as shown by “We Would Know”. This important ear for a tune also sees us making comparisons to our own Frank Turner. Indeed, “I Could Have Been a Dancer” is a very Frank Turner esque title and the song itself has the potential to be turned into a full band hit. The final track, “Before It All Ends” is the kind of classic tune that would be used at the end of one of Mr Turner’s gigs as an anthem to be sung by a drunk and appreciative crowd.
Speaking of crowds, the punk turned acoustic folk singer market is pretty crowded these days. Tim Vantol however comes with one of the most important ingredients, a genuine love for the music he produces. That is very different from some of the bandwagon jumpers who are now seeing a chance to get lumped in with the ‘scene’. We are sure that many of those who saw Tim supporting Chuck will already have bought and enjoyed this album. However, if you didn’t get the chance and you are a fan of Mr Ragan’s style then you should definitely check this release out.

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