The Great Secret “Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale”

The Great Secret “Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale”
The Great Secret may indeed be an unknown act at the moment in the UK but they are hoping to let a few more people in on the secret with their second EP “Deep Inside The Lungs Of A Whale”. They are a Scandinavian alternative/indie artist who describe this EP as a ‘vibrant punch in the gut’.

It opens with the wonderful “Judy” which is a brilliant punk pop, glammy rock number with a great feeling of sleaze. It actually has a sound similar to the glitter rock of Semi-Precious Weapons. In total contrast, “Blackflickan” and “Photogenic Slumber” are slow and sparse ballads with the haunting vocals bringing on an almost Bjork esque feeling to them. The curve balls don’t stop there though and “Meteor” is like some sort of fifties number mixed up with a show tune. It’s slightly insane but also great fun!

The band rediscover their rockier sound on “Plastic Gut Meltage”. It possesses a cacophony of sounds which merge from almost metal to pop almost at the same time. They then end the album with “Star Fish” which is almost a twee pop song, or at least until it melts into an almost industrial feel.

The term eclectic is used far too often in music and often just describes a mess. However, you would be hard pressed to find a better term for this EP. Indeed, it almost feels like it’s at least three different bands playing (sometimes all on the same track!). It certainly isn’t boring and provides a stimulating listen which is pretty rare with bands these days.

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