The Delta Routine “You And Your Lion”

The Delta Routine “You And Your Lion”
This album is actually the fourth release from The Delta Routine who are a foursome hailing from Milwaukee. According to front man Nick Amadeus the majority of the album was apparently written on the road. This is certainly obvious on a collection of songs that have been influenced by the sights and sounds that the band have experienced during a period of extensive touring across the States.
When you hear “Chains Off Me” it is actually Nick’s voice which first catches your ear, it has a wonderful gravelly tone. It actually has the same raspy soul as our very own Paulo Nutini and is perfect for delivering lines like “Drink less whisky so more people will miss me”. The band ramp up the good time sound on “Gone Again” which brings to mind the country flavoured rock of someone like Lucero. This upbeat sound is kept going as the album hits an early high with the appropriate fun time sound of “On A Saturday Night” and the slightly funkier “Nothing On Me”. They then add a bit of swagger to “Queen Of New Jersey” and together with “You And Your Lion” these songs are really the point where the album comes alive.

The pace is then slowed down with “Home With You” and its country folk feel and then even more so with the more soulful blues of “On A Roll”. The band are soon up and rocking with the bar room blues of “Dying Too” which has a Southern rock, almost Black Crowes esque vibe to it. The album then all wraps up with “Don’t You Want So Long” which has an easy Americana swing sound.
The Delta Routine follow a fairly well-worn road in the style of sound, blues influenced rock songs. However, as demonstrated by the phenomenal, and surprising, success of bands like The Alabama Shakes, it still has a big appeal. This probably has a lot to do with the genuine, almost earthy, quality of the sound. It is an antidote to the shiny, mass produced and unauthentic pop that pollutes the music world. Certainly, for any fan of Southern influenced Americana/Country rock, this is another mighty fine addition for your probably extensive music collection.

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