Lace Curtains “A Signed Piece Of Paper” Album Review

Lace Curtains “A Signed Piece of Paper”
We’re really not sure where the name Lace Curtains comes from, or if we’re honest, whether it’s the best band name that could have been chosen! However, it is the name that Michael Coomer has chosen to go by with the release of his latest material. We do know, however, that it has resulted in some great music which is equally as interesting and different.
A Signed Piece Of Paper opens up with “The Fly”, which has the feel of something rooted in Americana/folk but with euro pop overtones and a Blitzen Trappers esque, off the wall approach. “Boardwalk To The Alps” keeps the quirkiness going, but at a slow atmospheric pace in an almost electro pop kind of way. That tracks veers more to European than Americana. The ambient sound is continued on “Wilshire and Fairfax” which has a dreamy folk/pop feel before it grows in to a rich and glorious chorus.

The wonderful pop sound hits a peak with the excellent “Glass Of Sand”, which almost brings to mind someone like Foster The People. The catchiness of the songs is maintained with “Pink & Gold”, a track that builds up the beat and sense of perkiness, although the lyrical content isn’t so positive.
We then get “Be Good”, a song that opens up like some sort of classic, swing ballad. It then quickly shifts into another understated pop song which swerves all over the place mid song. In total contrast, “Saint Vitus” is like an electro pop metal anthem, with the appropriate references to Metallica albums. The sound then again totally swings to the opposite end of the spectrum with the sedate opening to “Crocodile Tears”. A track that expands to a brilliant electro power pop song which is possibly the finest on the entire album.
This is one of those really tough albums to review because it is just so eclectic and different. Describing the sound is a struggle as it’s like the Americana sound of Blitzen Trapper, with all the variety and diversity that band brings, but added with the fact that it is being played by a band like Air! That may not read great on paper, but this album just has an understated brilliance to it which makes you think it must be the work of a real genius. One things for sure, it’s a late contender for our top album of the year!

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