The Devil’s Daughters with Danny B Harvey Album Review

The Devil’s Daughters with Danny B Harvey
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to attract us to an album. The fact that The Devils Daughters are two hot girls who play rock n roll on its own is really enough. However, when you add in the fact that they are joined by a rockabilly guitar legend in the shape of Danny B Harvey, then we have high hopes for this album. It is also released by Lanark records a label that you know is committed to keeping this style of music alive.
Opening number “Mr Hoo Doo” expertly sets the scene and is a great intro to the daughters, as it’s a classic rockabilly sound, with the twangy guitar but added pleasure of some silky vocals. That traditional sound is kept going on “Hard Rockin’ Man” but it rocks out a bit more and also highlights the presence of rockabilly guitar legend Danny B Harvey. They then slow things down a bit on “Rock Boppin’ Baby” and we really get a chance to savour the sultry tones of the girls on a finger clicking song.

The seductive tone is kept going on the slinky number “Girl Like Me” which is a song to be played in a low lit, sophisticated (but perhaps now a bit run down and slightly sleazy) club..always a good haunt for music and a drink or two!). The seduction is taken to a higher level on “Lightning’s Girl”, a song built for a dramatic burlesque routine.
The girls then pick up the pace a bit on “I’m Coming For You” with its rolling drum beat driving the song along. “Pedal To The Metal” and “Baddest Girls In Town” are similar straight up rock n roll songs, although the latter of the two does have a hint of a more modern rock feel to the mix of the song. It will certainly help to continue to inspire many a desire for the temptations of a bad girl.
In contrast, “Walking After Midnight” has a slower and far more innocent tone to it but things are soon twisted around again with “Gonna Have To Kill You” which keeps the slower pace but, as the title implies, has a darker and more edgier feel to it.
It’s great to see a band deliver a straight up rockabilly album that demonstrates the timeless nature of their subject matter and rock n roll in general. The Devils Daughters are joining the likes of Devil Doll and Imelda May by bringing their own feminine, but fiery, charms to the genre. The album effortlessly swings from rock n roll to a seductive but dangerous sound. It sure makes you feel that the Devils Daughters would make mighty fine company on a wild night out, which is no bad thing!!


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