Rob Lynch “All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul”

Rob Lynch “All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul”
The fact that this album by Rob Lynch is released on the brilliant Xtra Mile recordings should be an initial sign that this is going to be a promising release. The fact that he is described as a punk/rock troubadour also gives us a good idea of what we can expect.
After the short opening intro of “31/32” we head in to “Broken Bones” which has classic Frank Turner written all over it! It has a great feel of camaraderie and is designed to be sung loudly and drunkenly in a festival tent somewhere. “My Friends And I” keeps that feeling going and, as the title suggests, is one to sing with your arm around your mate.

The song “Whisky” is as equally heart-warming as the drink it is named after. This is particularly true when you learn that it is reminiscing about a night of discussing music with Rob’s departed father. Whilst “True Romance” also eases off the good times feel as it is a more delicate and intricate tune which is really quite charming. The introspection is continued on “Some Nights” with it’s more straightforward, one man and his acoustic guitar style.

Things pick up again with “Hand Grenade” and “Medicine”. The first of these has a Celtic/punk vibe to it and whilst this isn’t really our ‘cup of tea’, you can imagine that it will be a favourite live song. “Blame” follows this pattern but has a darker and more punk undertone. In some ways, the song “Widow” sums up the album perfectly. It’s a great mixture of slow intensity and yet still ending in an infectious, sing a long refrain.
Some may feel that the music world is getting a bit crowded with all these punk/folk singer songwriters a la Frank Turner, Cory Brannan, Chuck Ragan etc. However, this release by Rob Lynch just goes to prove that you can’t have too much of a good thing! Whilst not doing anything stunningly ‘different’, what he has done is release an album which will earn him many loyal and devoted fans. Importantly, it will also leave you desperate to hear them being performed live. It’s an album which will be added to many people’s favourites list.

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