Last Great Dreamers “Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven”

Last Great Dreamers “Crash Landing in Teenage Heaven”
The Last Great Dreamers are one of those bands who produced a classic album, loved by many and sadly ignored by the majority. Now, god knows how many years later, they are making a triumphant return with this new album. The album actually consists of many tracks that their fans may recognise were knocking about last time around and may have heard on demos or live.
It opens with “No1 Wonderboy” and any fears the band’s appeal may have faded are immediately put to bed. It’s rock n roll but with a big dollop of glam and with the requisite massive chorus. It is immediately followed by the lead single “Ash Tray Eyes”. Again it has an infectious melody and a set of lyrics designed to be sung out loud. There is a great bubble-gum pop feel to it.. a bit tacky, maybe, but the melody will be stuck in your brain for days to come.
The album then moves in to slower ballad territory with “Hello”. In some ways it feels that it comes a bit too early in the album because you’re still ready to rock after the first few tracks. Although you can still see it being a big crowd favourite when played live. “Sci-fi Louise” again is more restrained until it builds up to a chorus that Bowie (or Ziggy!) would be proud of.
Having been given a little breather, “Super Natural” sees us back in full on glam pop mode. In many ways, the album then really hits its stride with the double whammy of “Lunacy Lady” and “Mary Wants”. The first of these has an almost sixties pop sensibility about it whilst “Mary Wants” is more rocking. The album continues to peak with “Gold Painted Butterfly” which is slower but also a delightful pop song.
The band then make a very brave move by including the single version of their classic song “Last Great Dreamer”. Hearing this is a bit like seeing your best friend that you haven’t seen for years suddenly walk into your favourite pub. You shouldn’t need telling that this is a brilliant song. The risk of putting it on the record is that the next few songs won’t be able to compete.
Thankfully the last two tracks show the band have lost none of their ability to serve up great pop rock classics. “Superboy Disaster” is yet another perfect pop rock song. The closing song is also the album’s title track, “Crash landing in Teenage Heaven” and it ends the album in glorious fashion. They add a little more trash to the glam sound and finishes everything off with a rocking and supremely confident song.
The first impression on listening to this album was one of thank god they delivered the goods again! Many bands have attempted to achieve this mix of glam, pop and rock but have failed to get anywhere near to the quality of the Last Great Dreamers. It is, therefore, great that they have returned to show how it should be done. Hopefully, this will encourage not just the old fans but also a whole set of new fans to dab a little glitter on their cheek, put on their glad rags and have some fun!

So don’t hang around and get it here

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