Sam Green & The Midnight Heist “Wide Awake”

Sam Green & The Midnight Heist “Wide Awake EP”
Sam Green & The Midnight Heist actually come from South Devon, not that you would guess that from the name or indeed the sound which is far closer to the Mississippi blues. That’s not to say there isn’t a British folk hint to the music as well, it’s just a bit rawer. We were lucky enough to first encountered Sam Green & The Midnight Heist at the 2000trees festival (see our review here ( where they delivered a barn storming set that was truly one of the highlights of the festival. Indeed, they actually sold out of this EP as they were swamped by eager punters trying to buy it at the end of their set.
The EP commences with “Passenger” and it’s a great, mid tempo, Americana sounding song to start things off. It has a relaxed, laying by a river vibe to it as it gently builds up to more of a sing a long number by the end. “Highway One” will have you thinking of those hay bales at the festival, as it is a bouncy and catchy number with a great double bass sound driving it along.

The EP then has a slower, more heart felt sound in the shape of “This Old Road” which is a beautiful track. This has a lot to do with the smooth vocals and then the harmonies which pitch in during the course of the song. We are soon back in to more of a country mood with “(The Ditty)”, a song that in a live environment will undoubtedly turn in to a big hoe down song to get the crowd going. Final track “By The River” is, as the title implies a song which will give you the image of lazy, carefree days. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a quiet doze by the water on a glorious sunny afternoon.
This EP is actually quite a relaxed and laid back intro to Sam Green & The Midnight Heist. These songs will appeal to anyone who is a fan of genres such as folk, country, Americana and blue grass. It has an easy going, effortless vibe to it which is actually very hard to achieve unless you really are a confident and talented group. It is a quiet intro to the band so if you see them live you had better be prepared to see the songs really come to life. You will also need to make sure you are ready to clap, dance, sing and generally have a wail of a time.

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