Dinosaur Pile Up “Nature Nurture” Album Review

Dinosaur Pile Up – “Native Nurture”

Somehow, Dinosaur Pile Up have escaped our notice up until now, which is strange given not only how good they are but the fact that they hail from Leeds. The band, who were formed by lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, do, however, appear to have drawn their influences from further afield and in particular Seattle. In case you are also wondering where the name comes from, that’s apparently from a scene in King Kong!!
The opening song “Arizona Waiting” is a big sounding rock number which is very un British as it has a really brash and in your face, almost punk feel to it. “Derail” opens with a really cool drum beat and has a wistful start, until it develops into an almost power pop song. It is a bit like a rockier version of a band called Ether who had a brief glimpse of fame some time ago. Then “Peninsula” and “Summer Gurl” are like the perfect blend of the first two songs. They’re rocking indie/alternative tracks but with a strong hook.

The grunge/Seattle influence is certainly clear on both “Heather” and “Draw Alive”, which have a sound reminiscent of the likes of Smashing Pumpkins. Then, on one of the best songs on the album, “White T Shirt And Jeans” keeps the feel going but adds in some Sonic Youth spikes against the melodic chorus. “The Way We Came” is a slower and more restrained track which has a real laid back vibe. Whilst “Nature Nurture” also has a more relaxed style, but this is until the crunching guitars kick in and the song develops into something far more epic sounding. To keep the relevant influences going, “Bruiser Violet” has that controlled, pop rock melody that the Pixies have been so great at delivering.
Dinosaur Pile Up is actually a good name that matches the band’s sound. The album is full of huge, large rock songs, but all mixed with a huge amount of influences. They are certainly not your typical UK indie band. This album is far more muscular and shows a confidence and determination that is missing from so many new releases these days. They’ve created a sound which has the ability to appeal to indie kids, rockers and punks – which is no mean feat.

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