The Black Tibetans “The Nashville Session” Single Review

The Black Tibetans – “The Nashville Session” EP
When you hear that Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has not only produced this EP, but also played the guitar solo on the single “You’re Cold” then expectations are bound to be very high. It also raises the question if The Black Tibetans name is an indication, that they also sound like Dan’s band.
The opening song “You’re Cold” is certainly a great modern rock n roll record. It is almost an amalgamation of sleazy rock n roll with the added contemporary touches, as mastered by The Black Keys or Jack White. It’s all a bit dirty but with an irresistible swagger. The second track, “When I See You”, is very much on the same level but with a slightly darker and seedier tone to it.

There are not many bands around at the moment who are able to deliver this rock n roll sound with a modern twist. It’s like the promise that BRMC promised to deliver, but instead of getting bogged down in sludge, they are prepared to give it a real rock shine. If their next full album is made up of songs of this brilliant quality, this may well be the start of something very special!

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