Mean Creek – “Local Losers” Album Review

Mean Creek – “Local Losers”
“Local Losers” is the latest release from Boston based quartet Mean Creek. This is an exciting young band who share some key influences such as Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads and it’s clear all of these bands’ left a lasting impact on the members of Mean Creek. They certainly share those bands passionate sound but also, importantly, their ear for a good melody as well.
“Cool Town” is certainly a cool opening number, it’s brilliant and sounds like The Ramones covering a Beach Boys tune…what could be better!? “My Madeline” is all feedback drenched guitars which recalls early garage bands like Sonic Youth but also adds a sweeter sense of melodies. The use of male and female co-vocals is particularly effective in giving the song a unique sound.

“Anxiety Girl” and “Night Running” both have a similar approach in terms of having what seem like essentially feel good songs but hidden behind the more ferocious guitar sound. They have the feel of an indie disco hit.

“Johnny Allen” is a more straightforward, rocking number. It has more of a simplistic approach but that’s not to say it isn’t still a quality song. “Mass Border” is another song where its strength lies in the confidence of the band to just deliver a catchy and melodic, rocking number. It just sounds like an instantly recognisable, fun packed song which will have you bouncing along to it. There are also some great, almost Spector ‘esque’, drums in it. The band embrace their pop influence on “Hangover Mind” in a sound which is more laid back and cool.

The album ends with “Teenage Feeling” which sees them expanding their sound to give a more expansive feel. Like all the songs on the album they keep it brief so it still has that snappy feel that leaves you wanting more.
After hearing Local Losers you will see Mean Creek as being one of those bands that you hope are going to be huge. It’s hard to believe that they would ever be considered local losers! The NME and their ilk are always so quick to pick up on certain bands and hype them beyond the merits of their actual album (hello Howler or Palma Violets!). It would therefore be great if Mean Creek get lots of critical acclaim and indeed mass sales, for what is an excellent modern indie/alternative rock album.

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