The Go Around – “Restating The Question” Album Review

The Go Around – “Restating The Question”


The Go Around are actually a duo consisting of Pennsylvanian brothers, Alexander and Anthony Saddic, not that you will believe that when you listen to their latest release, “Restating The Question”. The album doesn’t sound like some kind of brotherly duo, it’s an album which sounds like it has been delivered by some bright, new, full on, pop rock band.

The album opens up with “Make It Loud”, which is essentially an intro song that does start with banjos but is really just a request for the listener to join in with the album. The first ‘proper’ track is therefore “When I Hit Bottom” which has a cool harmonica at the start, before it moves in to a chugging pop rock number.

“I Ran” keeps up the pop rock feel with a sound which is reminiscent of a great band called The Crash Moderns, who were around a few years back. The Go Around add a slightly different dimension with “Her Love Is Like Glass”, as it has even more emphasis on the ‘pop’ side. It’s the song on the album which really could be a huge summer hit. Whilst “Remedy” is more of a ballad type song which would suit being played at the poignant moment on a big, feel good film soundtrack.

The Go Around aren’t afraid to also rock out a bit and they certainly do this on “Fooled”, which has a heavier and more angry delivery. However, tracks such as “On Your Shoulders” and “You Come Alive” show that they are a band with a focus on delivering feel good, pop rock songs. The band hit a particular high on “Sunflower Song” which, as you would expect from the title, has a real summer time feel to it. This song has a slower pace but is a lush song which would be perfect on a bright sunny day. The album comes to a conclusion with “Amber Skies”, which is a pure pop, anthemic number which will leave you on a pleasant high.

This is an album which is quite rare these days, it’s full of songs which are well written, pop rock numbers. It’s a style which has struggled to cross the pond to the UK. This is probably due to the fact that it is made to be played under a bright and sunny sky! Many of the songs have a really commercial pop feel to them. In fact, you could even imagine them being recorded by some popular pop band such as, dare I say it, One Direction or The Vamps and they would be a huge world wide hit. That’s not a criticism though, it is a recognition that we have a band consisting of a couple of artists with the talent to write potentially huge pop rock songs.


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