Lloyd Yates – “Bring Back The Life” EP Review

Lloyd Yates – “Bring Back The Life”
Lloyd Yates is an acoustic artist who is promising great things, as well as the release of this EP, he also played at the BBC Introducing gig at Hyde Park last year. He has already had support from both Rob Da Bank and Radio 2.

The title track begins the EP and straight away shows an intricate acoustic guitar player which ensures the listener knows they are dealing with a very talented artist. The vocals have a nice rasping sound which actually works in a good contrast to the smooth guitar. This song then builds up with an almost funky feel to it.

“Down By The River” has more of an acoustic, folk feel to the sound and the voice and feel is almost like Paulo Nutini. “These Here Love Songs” is more of a ballad and whilst maybe folk in influence, we are not talking in a ‘beard and jumper’ kind of way but more in a Dylan, singer/songwriter vein. It should still appeal to the likes of Mumford and Sons fans which could be the commercial link he needs.

“Burn My Baby” shows a willingness to step out of the normal boundaries, as it adds a more modern, almost electronic feel to the sound.It’s a good demonstration that Lloyd Yates is prepared to take a risk and not just play it safe.

This EP is a good intro to what is clearly a talented musician. The tracks are predominantly acoustic but also manage to have an intensity about them, despite their sparse sound. It will be a test to see if this can be continued over a whole album and also if he can continue to add the diversity shown by “Burn My Baby to ensure it doesn’t become too one dimensional. However, given the success and popularity of Jake Bugg, there is now a growing appreciation for this kind of heartfelt singer and his guitar type sound. This EP could therefore be the start of something big for Lloyd Yates.

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