Pink Cigar – “We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here” Album Review

Pink Cigar – “We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here”
With a name like Pink Cigar, you kind of know you aren’t going to be dealing with some sort of coy, bashful, quiet band. When you are talking about influences such as glam, punk, rock & roll with a bluesy twist, then you are hoping for something that’s a bit on the sleazy side of life. Certainly, on this front, the album “We’re Gonna Get You Out Of Here” doesn’t disappoint.

It kicks off with the punky, sleazy, rocking number “Generation Next” and then comes more of a glam stomp with the song “Lady Killer. This adds a bit of melody to the mix, but it is all delivered with a real sneer. It then comes as a bit of a surprise to hear “This Girl”, which opens with a restrained guitar sound before, in come the expected big riff and powerful drums. The song does keep a slow beat though, and it gives it an almost reggae or Ska type feel at times. “Strange” is again a slower sound, but this time we are talking a down n dirty blues club, sultry tempo. It’s a great call to arms for those who might like to live on the seedier side of the mainstream. It’s ‘sister’ song is “The Throat”, which virtually drips with debauchery. It seems built for a strippers song, and we do mean stripper, not some ‘artistic’ burlesque dancer!!

The sleazy tone continues with the bar room brawl feel of “Skin Of Youth Teeth” and then “London Town Blues” is an in your face rocker, with plenty of swagger and attitude. Again, they add the odd surprise every now and then. “Tommy” is a more straight forward song and, against the rest of the tracks, it provides a nice change in feel and tempo with it’s relaxed and easy going strum. At the other end of the spectrum is “Dreaming Of Love”, which is like some long lost glam metal classic. If this had been released around the time of “Appetite For Destruction”, it would have been absolutely huge. As would “King Of The World” which is all punk n roll melody with a feel of early Wildhearts.

Some people may question where a band like Pink Cigar fit in the current musical landscape. The answer is, sadly, nowhere amongst the masses and the mainstream. There is however, ALWAYS, a place for a dirty, sleazy, rock n roll band in the world. Indeed, in these times of boring bands and X factor wannabes, this is actually the perfect time for the Pink Cigars to provide some much needed fun and debauchery.

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