The Secret Garden Party 2014 preview

A Secret Garden Party You will definitely want to be invited to
With the dark nights and cold weather now becoming a memory, many of us will be having thoughts and dreams of those hedonistic summer days. Anyone who attended the 2013 Secret Garden Party will certainly have memories of glorious weather, fantastic music, unbelievable art exhibits and probably one of the best festival experience of their lives. Even if you didn’t attend, our own review ( should at least have you wanting to experience this event in 2014.

The organisers have already started their planning to arrange an event which will aim to even surpass this year’s festival. The Secret Garden Party have already announced that its Art & Expression Theme for 2014 will be…”Goodbye Yellowbrick Road”. What does this mean, well in the words of SGP:

“Sickened by commercial gigolos and the false promise of fame and fortune achievable only through wearing the right deodorant? Well then, join us in saying “Goodbye (to the) Yellow Brick Road” and its promise of (social/financial) redemption. Within the shelter of the Garden, where the dogs of society’s howl is inaudible, we are exploring the more positive visual imagery in our favourite songs – so dust off your old LPs say an oh my and a boo hoo to the 9 to 5… Dance with us beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free; because, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”
For any readers who are keen to demonstrate their own artistic ability and get involved with the festival, then they have already opened up applications for participant grants. The Secret Garden Party’s number one rule is that the party must facilitate participation and to ensure this is upheld, Secret Garden Party, gives over half of all programming money back to the ‘gardeners’ in the form of arts and expression grants. So, if you are interested in getting involved, you can get more information on participation or an application form from:

Click to access SGP_Participation_2014.pdf

The organisers have also been early in getting some more original and unique acts already lined up for next year. This includes:

“after chasing them for almost two years we are proud to announce that they will be bringing you this most original of counter-culture music: Max Raabe & Palast Orchester: 30s rave culture? Oh yes, long long before Spiral Tribe (or even Wigan Pier) there were all-nighters that were ‘threatening to the very fabric of society’. But these were not taking place in a field somewhere in Hampshire nor on a draughty ballroom over the North Sea; rather they were in the music halls of the Weimar Republic. Suppressed by society, criminalised by the Nazis, yet beloved by the Bright Young Things, the music and style of this time has been painstakingly researched and recreated by Max Raabe & The Palast Orchester”.

The 2014 festival will take place on 24th – 27th July 2014 at the same fabulous venue Nr. Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and tickets are already available at

As they say,…this is a Serious Party!!!

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