Bree – “All American Girl” Album Review

Bree – “All American Girl”


You won’t be able to miss the cover to Bree’s album, as it has her sprawled across the front hugging a classic Gibson Flying V guitar. It may come as a bit of a surprise, however, to hear that she is a castaway from a religious cult! When you hear the rocking tracks on the album it is clear that she has drawn on a wide range of influences, ranging from Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Patsy Cline to The Beatles, The Who, The Clash and The Ramones.

The album opens with “I’m The Boss” which, as the title implies, is an upfront, kick ass rocker, it’s all crunching guitars and handclaps. Bree’s voice has that Nashville sound to it, and is very similar to another rocking country girl, Lydia Loveless. The opener is quickly followed up by the equally impressive “You Can’t Take The Heart Out Of Me”.This has a great glammy guitar sound before it moves in to a big, sing a long chorus. A style which is returned to later on in the album with “Dance All Night (With My finger In The Air)”, another good time rock n roll song but with a glam pop feel to it.

“Forbidden Fruit” steps up the raunch a bit with lyrics like “I wore my lucky stilettos and a sexy dress so tight”. We can be pretty sure that the cult she grew up in certainly wouldn’t have agreed with the “forbidden fruit’ being discussed in this song. Then on “Whisky” things get even friskier, with the opening being a slow and seductive beat, but we are soon on to lyrics like “When I smell whisky on your breath, gonna take off this dress”. It’s a heady mix or pop/rock chords, choruses and slower interludes.

The album hits something of a pop rock crescendo with “Do You Wanna Love Me” which has a real Cheap Trick stomp to it. “All American Girl” keeps up the good time girl lyrics and whilst she may well be an all American girl, we are perhaps not talking about the wholesome apple pie type girl. “I Hope You’re Smiling” is a more restrained song which allows for more heartfelt lyrics, which really see that Nashville country sound in her voice come to the fore.

We are soon back to the more upbeat, sunny feel with “Nothin’ But Trouble” which, with it’s added finger clicks, has more of an almost rockabilly feel to it. Then on “Heart And Soul” we have a song which opens up with a great drum beat, which could almost be the start of a Kiss glam rock hit.

Photo Jeffrey Marcom

“All American Girl’ is a pretty accurate description of Bree and this album, it’s upbeat and in your face and yeah it may be a bit ‘brashy’, especially for us UK types. That doesn’t mean it’s not good, in fact it’s excellent. This is a collection of great pop rock songs, with a big dollop of glam glitter added on top. Bree’s voice has a sweet country vibe which often contrasts with the actual contents of the lyrics. The songs bring to mind having fun in a packed U.S. bar with plenty of beers, and maybe quite a few whisky chasers if Bree herself is around!

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